Büyükada (Prinkipo)

Hi, everyone!

I loved how Y’all interested about my new blog. I’m feeling so positive about this new adventure. I opened an Instagram account (@styleglint) I’ll post different pictures on that account. So let’s get into the topic of my post: Büyükada!

Büyükada is the largest island of the Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul. I’ve been going to Büyükada since I was a little child because my aunt has a house there. In my opinion, this island is a magical place because of its environment, food and obviously sea. Today we went with BlueMarmara which is a fast ferry. We ate at a restaurant called “Fıçı” I can translate it to “Barrel”. I ate loads of delicious food (You can find some photos at the end of this post). My friends and I rode bikes for 1 hour which is great because we burned the food that we ate noon. After that, we ate delicious ice creams. In the afternoon we got back to the pier and I went to my home. It was a tiring but a lovely day.

I want to thank my friends who took my photos during the day! Doğa, Ece, İrem and Ayşegül. I love Y’all.

Now I’ll give some information about Büyükada because I think everyone should visit this island and learn something about it.

Büyükada’s old name is “Prinkipo” which I learned this interesting information from my lovely Dad. There are many fine old Ottoman-Victorian houses in Büyükada. In the main square, you’ll see Büyükada’s landmark “clock tower”. You can board a horse-drawn carriage for either Short Tour(20-25 minutes) or the Long Tour(1 hour). You can rent a bike, the best way to explore the island. I prefer to rent a bike too because I think it’s a good activity for our health and good for the tour. Büyükada has a few tiny beaches too. The least-crowded time to go is probably in the morning on weekdays. Unfortunately, Büyükada’s restaurants, cafes and snack shops are expensive. They took 15% “service fees”. Better bring your own picnic. There are hotels can put you up for the night. The famous hotel is grand old Splendid Palace Hotel, which doesn’t seem to be changed from Victorian times.

That’s all that I wanted to tell about Büyükada. I hope Y’all like my post!

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