Hello, my lovely followers!

I hope Y’all are doing okay. My school finished yesterday and I’m feeling so free. I’m going to be a junior next year. Now my school is over, that means I can focus on my blog. This “Life Update” posts will be a series, in these posts I’ll write about what I’m doing, which interests do I have right now and etc. Now let’s get into the topic.

From now on I’ll do my exercises daily because I have to stay fit for summer. I’ll go walk for about an hour and do some exercises when I wake up. I’m going to read “To Kill a Mockingbird”, which is my summer homework for English class. I’m excited to read this book because as you know it’s a classic of Harper Lee. In 4th of July, I’m going to fly to London for language school. My program is called “London Advanced Studies Program-Bucksmore” which is located in King’s College London. I’m so excited because I’ll be the only Turkish person who will be in that camp. In my opinion, it’s a good chance for me because I’ll develop my English a lot. I’ll take IELTS Preparation for main course and British History and Economics for selective courses. I’ll stay in a student building that means I have to go to school by myself. Hopefully, I’ll find some friends in my building. I’ll be back to Istanbul on 18th of July. In 22nd of July, my Bodrum adventure will start.  I’ll write a lot what I’m doing/did during my summer holiday which is 3 months.

Great news! I’ll be doing a hashtag during my London trip. #styleglintgoestolondon 🙂 This idea originally comes from Chiara Ferragni (www.theblondesalad.com)  who is a successful blogger. I want to thank my aunt Alev, who brought me this idea. I’m thinking to do this hashtag where I go. I think it will be great for my Instagram page. I’ll be posting lots of photos so stay tuned guys!

Sneak peek: Next post is going to be about fashion. Get ready for some trendy clothes and brands!

Lots of love


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