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I hope Y’all are having fun on your summer holiday because I am! Since I got into holiday mood I’m feeling much better than I was at school. I feel much positive and confident. So in this post, I’ll recommend some of my favorites on June. I think they’re all useful, comfy and chic. So let’s get into the topic.

Emma at Anatolia

My makeup bag for vacation is from Misela, which is a famous women’s bag store in Istanbul. I adore their bags because all of them are so quality and beautiful. This one is called “Emma at Anatolia” and the color is Grey Silver/Mint.

My second favorite is also from Misela. It is called “Eva at Anatolia“. I use this small coin pouch a lot in summer days because it’s is easy to carry. I think that pouch looks so chic with every kind of outfit.

Eva at Anatolia
Eva at Anatolia

My third favorite is a slide sandal from The White Brand. They are so comfy and trend this summer. I bought them from Vakkoroma. They are called “Whasup Bro“. Before I bought these slide sandals I was thinking that they are a bit funny but when I bought them, it was easy to get used to them and I think they look amazing.

My last favorite is a wallet from Emilio Pucci. My parents bought it for me when they were in Italy. I love this wallet because of its different design. I like to be different than everybody else. There is a quote that I like: “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling”.

So that’s all that I wanted to recommend to you. Please message me if you have any suggestions about my blog. You can find my social media accounts down below.

Love Y’all



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