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I’m feeling so positive about my blog now because I’m communicating with other followers from my social media accounts. (Twitter & Instagram) The Blogger Community is a nice place because everyone supports each other (most of the time). I love discovering new bloggers and look at their content. If you have any suggestions, comment down below!

Today’s post is ¨Versatile Blogger Award¨. I’m so happy to be nominated to do a blogger tag. By the way It’s my second blogger tag, if you want to read the first one check it out from here. Anyways, Holly, ( her blog can be found here), nominated me! Thank you Hol! x

This tag, the Versatile Blogger Award is where bloggers share seven interesting things about themselves, which reader might not know. You also have to nominate seven more other bloggers to do so!

1:I can speak German

As you might know, I live in Istanbul. But I’ve been in a German school since I was in Kindergarten. So I’ve been learning German for 12 years.

2:I love cooking

When I was little, I used to watch my mom while she was cooking. (Actually, I still do!) That’s why I have an interest about food. I’m planning to go to a cooking school, after I finish university.

3: I’ve been to 9 countries

I love travelling and I really want to travel all around the world. Countries I’ve been to: Austria, France, Italy, UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Japan. If you want to read blog posts about these countries, let me know by commenting down below! I’d love to write travel posts.

4: I do yoga

I’ve started taking yoga classes at the end of year 2015. Yoga is my hobby now, because it reduces my stress and it’s a good way to shape my body.  For exercise, I do yoga and I also walk at my free times.

5: My favorite actor is Jensen Ackles

I’m sure that my closes friends also don’t know this fact about me. I love Supernatural ( if you want more info about this series click here) and Jensen Ackles is a successful actor (handsome too lol).

6: I listen to jazz & blues music when I’m studying

I LOVE jazz & blues! They’re so relaxing and I don’t know why but I feel so positive and motivated while I’m listening to this genres. I also listen to jazz & blues music when I’m blogging. I use Spotify for listening to music. Here’s my favorite playlist for jazz & blues: Sax and the City

7: I want to work in a magazine

One of my biggest dreams is move to NYC and work in a magazine. Writing is my passion and I’d love to express myself in a magazine. As you know I love writing about style, travel & lifestyle.

Here are my nominees:

Maria: lookingthroughmyclosetblog.com

Ana: anasbeauyvault.wordpress.com

Amy: allaboutamy.uk

Emma:  midnightdoe.blogspot.co.uk

Lauren: just-a-kidd.blogspot.com

Clara: sunkissedbrunette.com

Billi: billilovesbeauty.blogspot.co.uk




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7 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Im one of the nominees and your post is great! Girl 9 countries that’s amazing I need to get out my bubble more!
    Keep it up xoxo
    Maria 💓

  2. Harikasın yaa okurken duygulandım . Gezdiğin ülkeler ile ilgili küçük detaylar verebilirmisin bir dahaki postunda ❤️❤️❤️ Harikasın ve çok yeteneklisin bu kadar yetenekli olma kıskanıorum 😉 love you

    1. Yaa!! Teşekkürler kuzum💗 Muhtemelen Floransa ile ilgili bir yazı yazabilirim orada gezilecek yerlerden vs bahsederim. Şu staj bitsin de vakit ayırabilirim okul başlamadan!! Teşekkür ederim çok mutlu oldum😋
      Love you too!

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