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I haven’t been blogging for a while now because I was busy with my internship that’s why I wasn’t active. It lasted 2 weeks and I had a chance to observe the preparation phase of a new product. I’m so grateful to have a chance like this because I did my internship at Ford Motor Company. Anyways, in this post, I’ll suggest my favorite Instagrammers that you should follow. These account’s owners are blogger and YouTuber so I’ll drop their URL’s too!

1. The Pink Paperdoll

Abbie Katrina is a freelance writer creating copy for small businesses.

  • On her blog, you can find DIYs, anything about fashion and lifestyle. I’m
    in love with her content.
  • Abbie’s Instagram feed is so cute. It has a pink theme and in my opinion, her photography skills are on point.
  • You should definitely follow her Instagram if you want to see cute DIYs, city and outfit photos.

Her Instagram: instagram.com/abbie_katrina

Her blog: www.thepinkpaperdoll.com

















2. Li-Chi Pan

South African-born, Australian-based Li-Chi has an acute appreciation for composition, color, and minimalism, and creates beautiful and inspiring content on her Instagram account.

  • In her blog, you can find anything about travel, food&drink, beauty. I’m in love with her blog posts because her photographs are so professional and her language is easy to understand for non-English speakers.
  • I’m in love with her Instagram feed because it has a minimalist/white theme.
  • I think she loves Totoro ( a famous character of a Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyazaki) and that’s why I love her. Totoro is my favorite character in the whole world. I have a phone case which is also Totoro!!

Her Instagram: instagram.com/lichipan

Her blog: lichipan.com
















3. Sophia

Sophia is the skinny one from “The Skinny and The Curvy One”. She and Verena Prechtl are blogging about their style on their blog. I really like the idea of their blog because everyone can read their posts. I think every girl is beautiful with their attribute.

  • They are German fashion bloggers so if you can’t speak German I’m sorry about that but you can find stylish photos on their blog.
  • Sophia’s Instagram account is so cool and I love her style so you must follow her if you are into fashion.

Her Instagram: instagram.com/sequinsophia

Her and Verena’s Blog: theskinnyandthecurvyone.com


4. Francesca Perks

Francesca Perks is a fashion blogger from Leeds and she is a PR Student. I’m in love with her style and her blog content is very interesting. Her latest post is about the guys you across whilst online dating which is pretty interesting. You can check it out from here.

  • If you’re into fashion you should definitely follow her because her style is absolutely fascinating.
  • Her Instagram feed is so colorful and her photos are amazing!

Her Instagram: instagram.com/francescaperks

Her Blog: francescaperks.co.uk
















5. Sharon Walsmit

Sharon’s blog is like a style diary which is amazing! If you are looking for an outfit of today kind of posts, you should follow her asap.

  •  I love her style and in my opinion, her blog’s content is so good.
  • We follow back each other on Instagram and she is very active on there.
  • Her Instagram feed is beautiful. I think it’s because she is gorgeous haha x

Her Instagram: instagram.com/sharon_walsmit

Her Blog: dearwardrobe.com




















6. Elle

First of all, I’m in love with her blog name. I have no idea why but it sounds so pretty: “The Elle Next Door”.

  • In her blog, you can find anything about style, travel, beauty, and health.
  • She is also a YouTuber which I find amazing. You’ll love her channel, sure about that!
  • Her Instagram feed is GOALS! I mean it’s so colorful, she is gorgeous what else does she need?!

Her Instagram: instagram.com/ellenextdoor

Her YouTube: click here

Her Blog: theellenextdoor.com

















I think that’s all for this post. If you have any favorite blogger, comment down below. I’d love to read new bloggers.

Stay tuned!

Much love

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