September 26, 2017 Sima Aykin 6Comment

What’s up, everyone? I hope you’re doing well! My school started 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling so motivated about school. In my free time, I do yoga & pilates and I can say that my body is changing a lot. I feel stronger and toned which is amazing. My social media accounts are growing day by day which I’m very happy about that. If you aren’t following me yet, my social media accounts are on my website. In today’s post, I’ll share with you guys my outfit on my cousin’s wedding day. I’ll also mention the beauty products that…

September 16, 2017 Sima Aykin 6Comment

Hello, everyone! I’m glad that it’s finally autumn!! When I hear the word “autumn”, I start dreaming about cozy nights with my blanket, watching my favorite tv series. -By the way, you can check my blog post about my favorite tv shows from here In this post, I’ll mention my favorite places in Florence and recommend things to do when you’re there. I love traveling¬†I hope Y’all like this post. Comment down below your favorite holiday spot! My family and I went to Florence last year in November. Our trip was 5 days long and I can say that it’s…

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September 9, 2017 Sima Aykin 6Comment

Most beloved readers and followers of Style Glint aka my favorite blog, I’m absolutely thrilled to be given the chance to write an entry on my girl Sima’s splendid blog “Style Glint”.¬† I know that while you read this you must be wondering who I am, so without further ado let me introduce myself… I’m Rozalin, perhaps you know me from Instagram as @rozalineraslan and am the creator of the clothing brand “Nyang”, which is the concrete equivalent of my aesthetic. I design everything according to my taste and the needs of my friends. However, before diving into Nyang I…