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How is everything going? If you ask me, I’m really happy about everything that’s been happening since the beginning of this year. My school finished today, which I’m really excited about.  My mid-term break is 2 weeks long and I’ll fly to London on 30th of January. I’ll visit my sister, who is currently studying in London.  As you guys might know, I was in London in July and I wrote 2 different blog posts about my London Adventure. You can check them out from here: [ London Adventure #1 and London Adventure #2 ]. I’ll be uploading lots of photos on Instagram, Twitter & on my Facebook Page. Make sure that you’re following me on there.

On today’s blog post, I’ll be talking about my favorite magazines that I read almost every day. No kidding, I love spending my time reading books & magazines. I’m learning so many useful tips about healthy living, daily life etc. So I hope you guys would like my blog post.

Magazines You Should Be Reading

1) Women’s Health

Women’s Health magazine has a unique content which I really like. You can find a varied of interesting information about healthy living or exercises that you can do at home. The topis you can read in Women’s Health Magazine:

  • Fitness
  • Healthy Living
  • Nutrition
  • Style
  • Beauty

I also love their writers  (Women’s Health Turkey crew), because they explain every topic so simple that you can even understand biological articles. I read this magazine at the beginning of the month because I get motivation after reading it.


Reading new recipes and try them in my kitchen is for me. As you guys might know, I love cooking and baking, that’s why I’ll be posting healthy recipes on my blogs that I try.  If you have a recipe recommendation, let me know in the comments down below. You can find food photos on my Instagram because I’ll be sharing my plates and give you quick recipes.

2) Healthy Food Guide

I discovered this magazine last week because its Turkey edition started publishing 2 months ago. I saw HFG’s 2nd copy on the bookstore and I bought it because I’m obsessed with eating healthy food. My dad also wanted to read it so I thought I should give this new magazine a chance.

I totally recommend it to everyone because it has lots of useful information about being healthy during your daily life. In this magazine, you can find articles about foods that you often eat but don’t have much idea what it contains; or if it’s healthy for your body or not. There are also recipes that you can try at home easily.  If you are searching for new diets, for example, Nordic Diet, this magazine gives you all the information you need to know about different kind of diets.

The most shocking thing I learned from this magazine is that pasta can help you to burn fat!

3) Time Out

Time Out is a well-known magazine and it’s free in my city which is amazing. Every time I see a Time Out magazine, I get it because it has lots of useful tips for the city that you’re in. I got Time Out London when I was in London, and thanks to this magazine I discovered new restaurants, galleries, museums, and events.

This magazine has a varied of information about the city life. For example, it gives you the events or workshops that are happening near you. It gives you tips for the railway stations, as well as other transportation choices.  You MUST read this magazine if you want to know what’s happening in your city/ or the city that you’re in at the moment.

4) La Cucina Italiana

If you love cooking or obsessed with Italian food, this magazine is for you! I discovered this magazine 3 days ago while I was at a  bookstore and I totally in love with it. It has lots of recipes and also restaurant reviews.  You can also find popular restaurants near you in this magazine.  I’ve also read articles by famous executive chefs from my city.

La Cucina Italiana has a  page called “The Blogger Recipe of the Month”. I emailed them my Granola Recipe (you can read it from here), I hope they’ll publish it in their magazine.

That’s all for this week’s post I hope you guys liked it! Do you like reading magazines? What’s your favorite one? Let me know by commenting down below.

I love Y’all so much!


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