Life Update #3: Where Have I Been?

It’s been 2 months since I haven’t written a blog post. I can’t believe how time flies so fast! I missed writing posts for my blog and posting photos on Instagram. The reason why I haven’t been active is that I was really busy with my school work. I try my best to achieve good grades on my exams so that’s why I study a lot. Maybe I’m trying “too much” which is not good for my mental health but I’m also spending time with my family and friends. Finally, my exams are over and I can relax for a while.

Right now, I’m laying on my couch and writing this blog post while I drink my green tea. I’m having mixed emotions because my mind is full of different thoughts. For example: Where will I be studying in university? From which universities will I be gotten an acceptance letter this time next year?  My plan is to study in the UK, just like my sister. I’m SO excited to move there and study a degree that I want.

Anyways, enough university talk haha! Let me tell you about my relationship with my friends and family. My parents and I get along with each other very well, which is awesome. I tell them every single thing that’s been happening in my life. My sister came back home for easter and we’re spending time together. 

I missed talking to her a lot! I’m feeling so grateful these days. The book, “Ikigai” helps me to realize the how lucky I’m and I learned to live the moment. I don’t think about the past or the future, which is a great way to reduce anxiety not only about future thoughts but also for stress. , ‘Ikigai’ translates as ‘the happiness of always being busy’. You should definitely check this book out.

If you want to read a blog post about my book recommendations, don’t forget to comment down below.

I guess I that’s all for this post. I hope you guys are having a great day/evening. I’ll be back with an amazing blog post this week.

Stay tuned my lovelies!

Much love,

6 Replies to “Life Update #3: Where Have I Been?”

  1. Sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t help it
    Brianna |

    1. I agree with you Brianna!
      Much love,
      Sima x

  2. Loved it . Love you so much my girl .

    1. Love you too cutie!
      Thank you for reading xx

  3. Time does fly, but sometimes our priorities have to shift, so no worries. Do what you need to do. You have a very pretty website too! Xoxo E

    1. Your comment made my day! Thank you so much. I agree with you; sometimes life doesn’t go like we planned. All we have to do is keep pace with it.
      Much love,

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