*In this blog post I’ll talk about my personal life so if you’re interested; keep on reading*

Hello everyone!

I hope everything goes well for you. I’m feeling fine because it’s summer holiday. Unfortunately, the weather in Istanbul isn’t great. Bad weather affects my mood in a negative way. I’m trying to be active and happy during my daily life. I exercise 4-5 days per week which I find good for my health. I do pilates and yoga as you might know. Recently I started going to gym and I do fitness 2 days per week. Weightlifting is a must if you want to grow your muscles. I was pretty skinny (47 kg) but now I gained weight and I think I’m around 49-50 kg. I gained those weights from muscle which is amazing. I’m trying to improve my nutrition too! I have to eat enough macro-nutrientsĀ in order to have a balanced diet.

I’ll start going to Culinary Arts Academy in Istanbul (MSA), which is Turkey’s leading professional culinary school. MSA is ranked among the two best culinary schools of the world by City & Guilds. I’ll attend a workshop for 10 days. There will be teenagers at my age, who are also interested in cooking & baking. I’ll share my experiences with you on my blog and also on my Instagram food blog: @cookysimo I’ll also bring my professional Canon camera, therefore I can take some cool food photographs.

I’m studying for IELTS exam because it’s necessary for universities in the UK. I’ll apply to different universities in England this September which is unbelievable! I’m so excited to start my college journey in England. Anyways, I’ve been studying for the IELTS exam since the beginningĀ of the sophomore year. (I’ll be senior this year) I’ll do my best and hopefully, I’ll get a good score on the exam. My exam is on July 7. I’m doing past papers at the moment which is really useful. My sister is also helping me for the speaking section. Watching tv series is also helping me to improve my hearing and speaking skill.

I think that’s all that I wanted to say about my life for these days. I hope I didn’t bore you so much!

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts about my experiences at Culinary Arts Academy.


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