Hello everyone!                                                                                                              How is everything going? I’m very well because my exam week finished and my exams went very good. As you might already know, I’m a senior year high school student. I thought writing a blog post about what I learned in my 4 years of high school experience would be amazing for my blog. By the way, from now on I’ll try my best to post regulary on the blog. At least 3-4 times a month. Not bad eh? Let’s get into the post!

1.Taking notes in class is very significant                                               

Well, most of my classmates always thought that getting notes from someone else would be easier and practical. Guess what? They were wrong! Since freshmen year, I always took my notes in class and revised them after I came back from school. So if you’re in high school, please stop begging your friends to get notes from them. Take a pencil and a notebook: you’re ready to take notes! It’s easier than it seems, trust me.

2.You don’t have to be friends with everyone 

Since the beginning of high school, I tried to have a balanced relationship with everyone in my class. I got through some drama like everyone else but I’ve never argued with someone. I believe a person should have at least 1-2 close friends, the rest of them can only be friends from high school. I think being friends with everyone is amazing and it really helps when you go through hard times.

3.Read books during your free times   

Revising and studying are important but reading books or magazines will not only improve your vocabulary. but also your general knowledge. If you have a wide range of general knowledge, people in your circle will respect you and your thoughts. I’ll definitely recommend reading books when you’re not busy with schoolwork.

4.Spend quality time with your friends outside school 

                      Because of my school’s location I couldn’t have a chance to go to a cafe with friends after school. My high school is located 40 km away from my home which is in the centre of the Istanbul (Asian side) But at the weekends I love making plans with my close friends, such as going to a restaurant or shopping. Even though you have to study for school, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy at the weekends. Don’t forget your self to take a break!

5.Attend school activities 

I tried my best to take part in school activities such as preparing weekly programmes at the school radio or being the editor-in-chief in our school newspaper. Not only I had a chance to develop my skills, but also I improved my relationship with people from school. I also had a chance to meet with lovely people and if I didn’t attend those kinds of activities maybe I’d never known them.

6.Listen carefully in class and revise after you got home   

In my opinion, when you listen to your teacher carefully and don’t be distracted because of your noisy classmates, you’ll be successful. But one of the most crucial point is to revise after you got home from school. Taking notes is really important in order to understand the topic easily.

That’s all that I wanted to tell about the things I learned in high school. I hope you liked it and use these advices whether you’re a freshman or a college student. I’ll try my best to post regularly on my blog from now on. See you soon!

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  1. loved this post!! as a fellow high school senior i absolutely agree with a lot of these life lessons – taking your own notes and reading during your free time are very important!!

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