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    Will Global Beauty Standards Change in 2018?

    Hello everybody! I hope you’re feeling fine, and everything goes well for you. The second semester of my school started this Monday and I’m feeling motivated at the moment. I have been to London for one week and I had so much fun during my trip. I’ll write a blog post about my London Adventure; stay tuned! Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys an amazing article written by Brigitte Evans ( you can reach her from here ) This is going to be the second guest post on my blog and I’m pretty excited about it. She has written about the beauty standards in our world and if it’s going to…

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    Magazines You Should Be Reading

    Hi everyone!! How is everything going? If you ask me, I’m really happy about everything that’s been happening since the beginning of this year. My school finished today, which I’m really excited about.  My mid-term break is 2 weeks long and I’ll fly to London on 30th of January. I’ll visit my sister, who is currently studying in London.  As you guys might know, I was in London in July and I wrote 2 different blog posts about my London Adventure. You can check them out from here: [ London Adventure #1 and London Adventure #2 ]. I’ll be uploading lots of photos on Instagram, Twitter & on my Facebook…

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    How To Get Motivated

      Hello everyone! Currently, I’m writing this blog post while I eat my delicious breakfast on a Saturday morning. What could be better than sitting at your home & writing a post for your blog? I’ve missed writing and talking to my readers so much. Since from the beginning of December, I’ve been busy with schoolwork because I’ve to study for my exams. My 1st term will be ending on 19th of January which is so close! I couldn’t be more excited because my finals are going pretty well & the holiday is coming. Anyways, I just felt like I should do a quick life update. This blog post is the…

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    NYE Ready – Hair and Makeup Edition

    Hello everyone! I haven’t been on my blog recently because of my schoolwork. It’s one of the best time of the year: Christmas & New Years Eve. Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant, and currently writing for High Style Life (highstylife.com). She has written an amazing post for my blog and I’m so grateful that I collaborated with someone on my blog. I’m so excited because this is the first guest post I’m publishing on Style Glint. You should definitely follow Brigitte on Twitter (click here)                        NYE Ready – Hair and Makeup Edition Not every day is the…

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    Monthly Goals: December 2017

    Hello, my lovely readers, I hope everything goes well for you. I can’t believe it’s finally December. I’m so excited for Christmas and that’s why I have a huge motivation to write my blog posts. Unfortunately, my exams are going to start in 2 weeks which sucks but I’ll try to stay strong🙏🏻 This week went so fast for me, but it was a productive & good week! I’m so happy because, on 14th of December, Style Glint will be 6 months old. Time flies so fast! Now, I’d love to mention my goals for December. My Goals For December 1. Reach 1k visitors on my blog As I said…

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    My Christmas Wish List

    Hello, my lovely readers! I’m glad to say that my exams are over (for now) and they went pretty well! I’m so grateful for everything that’s been going on since the beginning of this year, so in this post, I’ll mention my wishes for Christmas. (I know you’re reading this mom and dad 🙂 ) I’m not that kind of a person who always wants new things for his/herself. Most of the time I only go shopping because I need to buy stuff for myself. It’s not even the beginning of December but I already feel like it’s Christmas. If you want to get into Christmas spirit, make sure you’re…

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    Healthy Granola Recipe

    Hello, / Hallo / Merhaba my lovely readers! I guess I owe this energic entry to my happiness because my exams are finished. In these past 4 weeks, I had lots of exams, that’s why I didn’t have the motivation to write on my blog. I’m sorry about that but I’ll make it up to Y’all! Also, I love posting outfit photos or anything reflects my style; so I’ll probably post more fashion based posts on my blog and Instagram. In today’s post, I’ll share with you guys my “Healthy Granola” recipe. I eat granola with milk or yogurt and put bananas on top of my bowl. I highly recommend this to…

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    #OOTD: Chilly Day in Istanbul

    Hi everyone! I’m gonna share with you guys my outfit for today. It was 16-Celsius degrees today in Istanbul, which is pretty awesome because I love chilly weather. If you wanna see more outfit of today blog posts, let me know in the comments down below! I hope you like it! My backpack is from Moschino. I highly recommend it because it’s small but useful and chic at the same time. My leggings are from Jane Norman. My shoes are from Russel & Bromley. My glasses are from Topshop. 9+

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    Life Update #2 : Autumn & Vacation🎃🍂

    Hi, my lovely readers, I hope everything goes well for you these days. I was on a short vacation for 4 days and I’m feeling so positive about everything. In today’s post, I’ll mention about latest updates on my life. I’ll also talk about my goals for autumn. Thank you so much for your interest on my blog. I really appreciate it🙏🏻 It’s been almost 4 months since I opened my blog and my blog is growing slowly but effectively. As you know, my school started on 6th of September. I’m studying as much as I can for my lessons because I care about my grades. They’re important because I…

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    Get Ready With Me: Wedding Edition

    What’s up, everyone? I hope you’re doing well! My school started 2 weeks ago and I’m feeling so motivated about school. In my free time, I do yoga & pilates and I can say that my body is changing a lot. I feel stronger and toned which is amazing. My social media accounts are growing day by day which I’m very happy about that. If you aren’t following me yet, my social media accounts are on my website. In today’s post, I’ll share with you guys my outfit on my cousin’s wedding day. I’ll also mention the beauty products that I used for my makeup. If you haven’t read my…