July 25, 2017 Sima Aykin 6Comment

Hello!! I hope you’re having an amazing day! Yesterday I was nominated by Holly (check her blog from here) to do this tag. I haven’t seen this tag until yesterday but I’m so happy to be part of it. The Liebster Award is all about helping bloggers to promote their blog, especially those who are new(like me😋). There are the simple rules for this tag: •Recognise the blogger who tagged you •Answer 11 questions you were asked •Tag 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or by email subscription. •Create 11 new questions for your…

July 20, 2017 Sima Aykin 4Comment

Hello, everyone! I’m back from London and I’d like to give some recommendations to you guys. I’ve been to different places in London and Oxford. These 2 weeks were so amazing for me because I improved my English a lot. I talked only English which is very good. Now, in this post, I’ll talk about 3 different places in London. I hope you like it. CAMDEN TOWN Camden Town is a great place for people who like to try the different type of foods and see antique shops. You can find so many shops in Camden Market and in my…

July 12, 2017 Sima Aykin 7Comment

Hello, everyone! It’s been a long time since I published a post. (Nearly 2 weeks and I miss writing) Yesterday I came to London for a language school to develop my English. I met 2 friendly girls who are from Bulgaria and Hungary. I’m happy to have friends because before I came to this summer school, I was nervous to be lonely. Anyways, in this blog post, I’ll introduce one of my favorite places in London and take Y’all in a little tour. P.S: I’m planning to write posts about London like a little series. So stay tuned! HARRODS If…

June 24, 2017 Sima Aykin

Hello, everyone! I hope Y’all are having fun on your summer holiday because I am! Since I got into holiday mood I’m feeling much better than I was at school. I feel much positive and confident. So in this post, I’ll recommend some of my favorites on June. I think they’re all useful, comfy and chic. So let’s get into the topic. Emma at Anatolia My makeup bag for vacation is from Misela, which is a famous women’s bag store in Istanbul. I adore their bags because all of them are so quality and beautiful. This…

June 18, 2017 Sima Aykin

Hello, my lovely followers! I hope Y’all are doing okay. My school finished yesterday and I’m feeling so free. I’m going to be a junior next year. Now my school is over, that means I can focus on my blog. This “Life Update” posts will be a series, in these posts I’ll write about what I’m doing, which interests do I have right now and etc. Now let’s get into the topic. From now on I’ll do my exercises daily because I have to stay fit for summer. I’ll go walk for about an hour and do some exercises when…

June 15, 2017 Sima Aykin 8Comment

Hi, everyone! I loved how Y’all interested about my new blog. I’m feeling so positive about this new adventure. I opened an Instagram account (@styleglint) I’ll post different pictures on that account. So let’s get into the topic of my post: Büyükada! Büyükada is the largest island of the Prince Islands in the Sea of Marmara, near Istanbul. I’ve been going to Büyükada since I was a little child because my aunt has a house there. In my opinion, this island is a magical place because of its environment, food and obviously sea. Today we went with BlueMarmara which is a fast ferry….

June 14, 2017 Sima Aykin 10Comment

Hello, everyone! My name is Sima and I’m 16 years old. I’m from Turkey. I’m sure that Y’all heard Istanbul, where I live. I have a sister at the age of 17 and she will be at King’s College London this fall. I was thinking to open a blog for write about my personal life, fashionand food. I’m interested in doing yoga and cooking in my free times. I hope Y’all like my new site. I’m gonna put big effort for customizing and editing. Stay tuned! Sima